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Over 60 million price updates daily.

Traders participate in a fully-anonymous two-way market with the ability to actively drive the Bid/Ask as trades occur
in real-time. Liquidity providers post at no cost, and has a unique “aggressor pays” fee structure.

Open offers traders the most robust platform

suited to their trading strategy and style. Traders remain in control of their trades at all times,
and have the support of’s trading desks throughout the U.S., staffed by experienced
and expert traders in each of the instruments covered.


All orders are live and executable,

with simple and intuitive “click and trade” capability to act on any order. Over 40,000 securities in U.S. high grade credit
are available each day. Simple searches access to only the bonds that a trader wants. Backed by customizable
Scatter Graph Technology and integrated TRACE history.


Using’s unique BWIC “bids wanted” and OWIC “offers wanted”

capability, traders can create and upload portfolios, or lists, and execute automatically on a cross-match against
available inventory. List trading reduces the need “go and find” thin inventory by phone, saving time and cost.

Compliant – Our Only Interest is Our Clients’ Interest

Acting solely as riskless principal, is neutral and all trades and clients remain anonymous on the platform.

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